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    Legends Camp 2018

    Thank you for your interest in our camps. We were not planning on running one this summer, hence why we are doing it in this format unfortunately. We had to make some drawbacks from running four camps per summer the last four years
    Information from the facebook can be can be found below-
    Legends Camp, will be running one camp this summer in Austin, Texas on the week of _June 25th thru 29th___ at the Ponds___ Ice Rink.
    Legends Camp will be running a similar format to the previous four years. As we embark on year 5, we want to focus more on the coaching and instruction. camp formally brought. To accomplish this we will be guaranteeing a 4:1 Student to Instructor ratio on and off the ice. The two groups of 16 goalies will be separated throughout the day. You will report to the rink for your 20 minute dynamic warm up with our trainer, then you will get prepared for the ice session. Once on the ice you will warm up with your instructor for the day. They will run you through skating drills and the shooters will provide you with warm up shots to get you loose. Rather than prepare you for each day in a mass teach, we find it better for you to get the time you deserve and want with your lead instructor of the day. Once your warmup is over, the ice session will begin, you will receive coaching at all four stations from our goalie coaches. In the past, we have had alot of professional goalies as our coaches but this year we would like to take the approach that teaching is our priority, to make you better for your year of Men’s League ahead of you. Once your 2 hour ice session is over, you will get undressed and meet with your lead goalie coach of the day. They will review your film from their station with the four members of your group, giving you a more personalized experience where you have the ability to ask questions and discuss with your coach what you would like to know. Following your video session, you will have your off-ice workout where our trainer will work on flexibility and core strength, we would prefer you attend these workouts so you can maintain your bodies throughout the week. The cost for the camp will be 1100.00 USD. There is a 250.00 deposit for the camp. If you pay for the camp, and for some reason have to cancel, you will receive all your money back minus the cost of your custom jersey provided we can fill your spot. Otherwise you forfeit your deposit. Any monies above the deposit would be returned in full. Every person joining the camp gets 5 free entries into the April/May raffle. All jerseys will be being custom made to your size, number, and names. There will be catered lunches everyday will multiple food choices to choose from. There is a Hyatt Place hotel that is 129 per night, but we are also looking into some Air BNBs to offset some costs. Sharing the cost of van rentals and the Air BNBs should save everyone some coin. Payment in full will be due by May 31st. Please send your deposits or full payment as friends and family to GGSUNITED30@gmail.com. There are only 20 spots left available . More information about housing and potential sponsors will be announced as the info comes in.
    Camps will be back to the old ordering process in 2019.
    Jake Wint
    Camp Director Legends Camp

    GGSU Legends Camp Chicago Rep Schedule

    GGSU Legends Camp Chicago Rep Schedule

    GGSU Legends Camp Chicago!
    -Chris Dudo & Jake Wint
    In 12 hours we will be ready to take the ice at Seven Bridges Arena ready for Week 2 of the GGSUnited Legends Camp here in Chicago.  We are excited to meet all of the new campers and be able to catch up with all of our returners.  Below, you will find our schedule of gear manufacturers who will attend every day.
    As promised, GoalieMonkey is teaming up with the major equipment manufacturers to give campers the opportunity to use new gear on the ice in order to figure out what they like the most.  Also, I will be on the ice with you helping answer any questions you might have to get the most out of your demo.
    Below is the schedule of attendance for the equipment reps:
    Monday , June 26th – CCM - GoalieMonkey*
    Tuesday , June 27th – VAUGHN - Ev Bommarito
    Wednesday , June 28st – WARRIOR - Kirk Allen
    Thursday , June 29nd – BAUER - Spencer Freer
    Friday, June 30th –BRIAN’S - Chris Joswiak & Brad Johnson
    * presentation only
    The manufacturers will be in the rink beginning at 9 AM every morning to assist anyone who is interested in demoing gear.  We ask that anyone interested in demoing gear please not take it before your designated ice slot.  This insures that everyone be given equal access to each set.
    If you know you are interested in trying out gear from any of the manufacturers, please contact me via Facebook or the @_goaliemonkey_ Instagram so I have adequate time to help plan the gear most suited for your personal style of play.  I look forward to seeing everyone this week!  
    - Chris Dudo

    Meet the Coaches- Garret Sparks

    GARRET SPARKS - Head Instructor, Toronto Maple Leafs


    Garret Sparks is one individual who needs no introduction.  However, there’s more to the familiar face than what most people know.


    The Illinois native played for the Chicago Mission of the Tier 3 Elite Hockey League before joining the Guelph Storm in 2010.  Sparks started in 19 games for the Storm, finishing the 2010-11 season with a record of 8-6-1 and a save percentage of .890.  In addition to his stellar numbers with Guelph, Sparks competed in the 2012-13 World Junior Championships in Russia, where the United States U20 team took home the gold medal. “Team USA is something I never thought I’d be a part of,” says Sparks.  “It’s something you dream about.”


    It wasn’t the only dream come true for the 18 year old; his time with the Storm caught the eye of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who drafted him in the 7th round 190th overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.  After splitting time between Leafs’ AHL and ECHL affiliates throughout the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons, the then 22 year old made his NHL debut on Monday, November 28 against the Edmonton Oilers.  Prior to his debut, Sparks had a win record of 8-2-1 in 11 games with the Marlies, a 1.90 GAA and a save percentage of .938 - second best in the AHL.  The Leafs’ rookie made 24 stops and blanked the Oilers, becoming the first goalie in Toronto history to record a shutout in his NHL debut.


    Following such a historic first appearance in a Leafs jersey, Sparks appeared in 16 more games for the Toronto, accumulating wins against teams like the St. Louis Blues, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders and Anaheim Ducks.  But despite the sudden stardom, Sparks never lost sight of the things he valued off the ice.



    His involvement in GGSU started in 2013 when a friend of his made him an admin, and since then he has devoted most of his free time to building a community around one common theme: to “continue to bring goalies around the world together.”

    Meet the Coaches: Shannon Szabados

    Meet the Coaches: Shannon Szabados

    In a predominately male sport, Shannon Szabados is breaking barriers and carving her own path.  The Edmonton, ALTA native started early, becoming the first female to play in the Western Hockey League when she joined the Tri-City Americans at the age of sixteen  Fours years later, Szabados made her international hockey debut when she helped Team Canada to a gold medal in the 2006 4 Nations Cup.  Fast forward to May 2017 and she continues to have evolving success.


    In the 15 years since she made a splash in men’s hockey, Szabados has trained to be the backbone of Team Canada for ten of those years.  In that time, she has appeared in three Air Canada Cups, seven Four Nations Cups, three Women’s World Championships and two Olympics.


    In the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Szabados posted a stellar shutout performance against the U.S. Women’s National Team to win gold.  Her performance earned her selection to the 2010 Vancouver Media All-Star team, as well as Directorate Award for Best Goaltender.  In the 2014 Sochi Games, she was victorious in all three of her starts, including the gold medal rematch against the U.S, which went into overtime.  Szabados recorded a .953 save percentage and a 0.96 GAA in 3 GP.


    Following her Olympic success, Szabados signed with the Columbus Cottonmouths of the Southern Professional Hockey League to finish out the 2013-2014 season, becoming the first female to play with an SPHL team.  After losing her first game to the Knoxville Ice Bears, she rebounded and became the first female to win a SPHL game when the Cottonmouths defeated the Fayetteville FireAntz 5-4 in overtime on November 21st.  She also became the first ever female to record a professional shutout when she made 34 stops against the Huntsville Havoc in 2015.



    For most goalies, hockey is more than a hobby - it’s a lifestyle.  For Szabados, it has been what has defined her over the past 20 years of her life. When asked what she wants to see accomplished by the end of the camp, she says “the progression everyone makes! It’s incredible to see how far all of the goalies come from the start of the week to the end!”


    For this Canadian native, the Toronto Legends Camp is especially exciting, since it is the only camp in Canada, which means “more Tim Horton’s and beer!.”  It also provides a place where she can watch each attendee’s progress throughout the week: “With the amazing staff GGSU assembles… it’s no surprise the knowledge the goalies retain from the start of the week… it’s really fun to watch!”

    GGSU Legends Camp Toronto Announcement

    GGSU Legends Camp Toronto Announcement

    GGSU Legends Camp Toronto!
    Chris Dudo
    Well goalies, we are now 12 days away from the first camp of the GGSUnited tour!  For those of you who have registered and attended camp, we thank you for all of your help and interest so far and are excited to shed more info on the daily schedule!
    As promised, GoalieMonkey is teaming up with the major equipment manufacturers to allow the campers to use the gear on the ice and figure out what they like the most.  Also, I will be on the ice with you helping answer any question you might have to get the most out of your demo.
    Below is the schedule of attendance for the equipment reps:
    Monday , June 19th – WARRIOR - Kirk Allen
    Tuesday , June 20th – VAUGHN - Ben Thomas
    Wednesday , June 21st – BRIAN’S - Brad Johnson
    Thursday , June 22nd – BAUER - Spencer Freer
    If you are interested in trying out the gear from the manufacturers above, please contact me and I will be able to help plan your demo before you are on the ice to make sure you are wearing the proper gear for your style of play.  I look forward to getting to meet all of you!