GGSU Legends Camp Chicago Rep Schedule

GGSU Legends Camp Chicago!
-Chris Dudo & Jake Wint
In 12 hours we will be ready to take the ice at Seven Bridges Arena ready for Week 2 of the GGSUnited Legends Camp here in Chicago.  We are excited to meet all of the new campers and be able to catch up with all of our returners.  Below, you will find our schedule of gear manufacturers who will attend every day.
As promised, GoalieMonkey is teaming up with the major equipment manufacturers to give campers the opportunity to use new gear on the ice in order to figure out what they like the most.  Also, I will be on the ice with you helping answer any questions you might have to get the most out of your demo.
Below is the schedule of attendance for the equipment reps:
Monday , June 26th – CCM - GoalieMonkey*
Tuesday , June 27th – VAUGHN - Ev Bommarito
Wednesday , June 28st – WARRIOR - Kirk Allen
Thursday , June 29nd – BAUER - Spencer Freer
Friday, June 30th –BRIAN’S - Chris Joswiak & Brad Johnson
* presentation only
The manufacturers will be in the rink beginning at 9 AM every morning to assist anyone who is interested in demoing gear.  We ask that anyone interested in demoing gear please not take it before your designated ice slot.  This insures that everyone be given equal access to each set.
If you know you are interested in trying out gear from any of the manufacturers, please contact me via Facebook or the @_goaliemonkey_ Instagram so I have adequate time to help plan the gear most suited for your personal style of play.  I look forward to seeing everyone this week!  
- Chris Dudo

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