GGSU Legends Camp Toronto Announcement

GGSU Legends Camp Toronto!
Chris Dudo
Well goalies, we are now 12 days away from the first camp of the GGSUnited tour!  For those of you who have registered and attended camp, we thank you for all of your help and interest so far and are excited to shed more info on the daily schedule!
As promised, GoalieMonkey is teaming up with the major equipment manufacturers to allow the campers to use the gear on the ice and figure out what they like the most.  Also, I will be on the ice with you helping answer any question you might have to get the most out of your demo.
Below is the schedule of attendance for the equipment reps:
Monday , June 19th – WARRIOR - Kirk Allen
Tuesday , June 20th – VAUGHN - Ben Thomas
Wednesday , June 21st – BRIAN’S - Brad Johnson
Thursday , June 22nd – BAUER - Spencer Freer
If you are interested in trying out the gear from the manufacturers above, please contact me and I will be able to help plan your demo before you are on the ice to make sure you are wearing the proper gear for your style of play.  I look forward to getting to meet all of you!

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Gord Bonisteel


I am inquiring about the day pass availability. Can you let me know one way or another?


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