Legends Camp 2018

Thank you for your interest in our camps. We were not planning on running one this summer, hence why we are doing it in this format unfortunately. We had to make some drawbacks from running four camps per summer the last four years
Information from the facebook can be can be found below-
Legends Camp, will be running one camp this summer in Austin, Texas on the week of _June 25th thru 29th___ at the Ponds___ Ice Rink.
Legends Camp will be running a similar format to the previous four years. As we embark on year 5, we want to focus more on the coaching and instruction. camp formally brought. To accomplish this we will be guaranteeing a 4:1 Student to Instructor ratio on and off the ice. The two groups of 16 goalies will be separated throughout the day. You will report to the rink for your 20 minute dynamic warm up with our trainer, then you will get prepared for the ice session. Once on the ice you will warm up with your instructor for the day. They will run you through skating drills and the shooters will provide you with warm up shots to get you loose. Rather than prepare you for each day in a mass teach, we find it better for you to get the time you deserve and want with your lead instructor of the day. Once your warmup is over, the ice session will begin, you will receive coaching at all four stations from our goalie coaches. In the past, we have had alot of professional goalies as our coaches but this year we would like to take the approach that teaching is our priority, to make you better for your year of Men’s League ahead of you. Once your 2 hour ice session is over, you will get undressed and meet with your lead goalie coach of the day. They will review your film from their station with the four members of your group, giving you a more personalized experience where you have the ability to ask questions and discuss with your coach what you would like to know. Following your video session, you will have your off-ice workout where our trainer will work on flexibility and core strength, we would prefer you attend these workouts so you can maintain your bodies throughout the week. The cost for the camp will be 1100.00 USD. There is a 250.00 deposit for the camp. If you pay for the camp, and for some reason have to cancel, you will receive all your money back minus the cost of your custom jersey provided we can fill your spot. Otherwise you forfeit your deposit. Any monies above the deposit would be returned in full. Every person joining the camp gets 5 free entries into the April/May raffle. All jerseys will be being custom made to your size, number, and names. There will be catered lunches everyday will multiple food choices to choose from. There is a Hyatt Place hotel that is 129 per night, but we are also looking into some Air BNBs to offset some costs. Sharing the cost of van rentals and the Air BNBs should save everyone some coin. Payment in full will be due by May 31st. Please send your deposits or full payment as friends and family to GGSUNITED30@gmail.com. There are only 20 spots left available . More information about housing and potential sponsors will be announced as the info comes in.
Camps will be back to the old ordering process in 2019.
Jake Wint
Camp Director Legends Camp

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